List of Files Widget

This widget displays and automatically generated list of files from your site. The options are very similar to those found in List of Posts.

Three options to sort your files:

  1. You can select the File Type from all to a particular content type - Images, video, document, etc. * Lists that display only images and videos are special and will include a thumbnail of these items.

  2. You can control how much of that information you want to showcase in Display Style.

  3. You also have a variety of choices as to how you want that information to be sorted in Sorted By.

    List of Files - display style


Display Options:

  • Show “more” link provides a link to additional content beyond what the list of files can display.

  • Show Pager option allows you to scroll through several pages worth of content in a single list box.

  • Number of items to display controls how many items will be shown in this box. It ranges from 1 to 30.

    List of Files - display option

Filter By Vocabularies

Make sure that you have a vocabulary set up before this operation. How?

Just like in the List of Posts widgets you can also filter by vocabularies. A file needs to match one of the terms under each vocabulary option.
List of Files widget - filter by vocabulary

If you have a department site with sub-sites, then the Include results from option will become available. This means that instead of showing results only from your own site, you can show posts from your sub-sites as well. List of Files widget - including subsites


Embedded on other websites:

Just like in the List of Posts, you can embed this widget on other websites.Then you can copy and paste the Iframe script to your own web site.

List of File widget - embed code

In this example, videos are being ordered in a List of Files widget below the content on the page.
List of Files widget - sample