Launch Project

Read through the information below detailing steps to take before and after your website launches. 


Before Launch

check box  Anyone working on the website should know that they need to email the OpenScholar support team for urgent needs

check box To apply your current domain name to your new website, submit a support ticket

check box Set the website visibility to "public" before site launch

check box Check to make sure that all internal & external links are working

check box Check that all downloadable files such as PDFs work and have understandable file names

check box Make sure that Google Analytics ID has been added (if using)

check box Make sure URLs are names correctly (OpenScholar generates a URL automatically, but if you renamed a page, the URL does not update automatically)

check box Check to see that you have created a privacy policy page for your website

check box Ensure that content is marked-up semantically (<h2>, <h3>, etc.) and formatted correctly


After Launch

check box Review your user list to remove people who no longer need the ability to edit the website

check box Double check that all internal links work