Custom Text/HTML Widget

The Custom Text/HTML widget displays text or allows the addition of HTML much like a mini Basic Page.

Within the widget you can add Text, HTML, Images, Video, whatever works in the editor. Note that unsafe HTML is automatically stripped.

1. To add a new widget to your site you must get to the layout area. First, click on the Layout button on the top right side of the page.

Layout Button

2. Select Create New Widget and click on the Custom Text/HTML option.

Custom Text HTML Widget

3. Populate the form and click save.

Note: The Widget Description field is what will display for the members of the site in the widget gallery and on the layout. The Widget Title is what will show on the page to the site visitors.

Example of adding a new widget called “Cancellation Policy”

Custom Text HTML Widget

4. Find the widget you just created and drag and drop it to the correct location in the layout.

Drag Drop

5. Save the layout configuration at the bottom of the page.

6. View results.


example: custom text html widget