Editing Slideshow Widget

Once the slideshow has been created, you can edit it in different functions.

1.  Editing the Slideshow Widget
Hover over the slideshow widget on your page, click the pencil button and select "Edit Widget"
Slideshow widget contextual links

2. Change the description and title
You can change the title of the slideshow and add more specific description.
slideshow form - description and title

3. Change the Slideshow Layout if it is set to Standard during creation of this widget 
You can choose a new layout to show your slides.
slideshow form - slideshow layout

4. Display order
You can drag and put each slide in the order you want them to show.
slideshow form - slide listing


5. Edit each slide - click Edit button of the slide which you would like to edit
slideshow form - slide listing edit button


You can edit the slide's Headline, Link, Description, Alt Text and Title text. Alt Text and Title Text will override the default values when the image is showed in this widget.
slideshow form slide form part 1

You can also do cropping and resizing the original image.
a) click Crop image button to open cropping tool
b) use image handles to change size and use cropping window to select which part of image shown in widget
Note: if Slideshow Layout set to Standard, then select Standard layout tab for slide. Any cropping and resizing on the slide in Widescreen tab would not have any effect on the slide. Similarly, if Slideshow Layout set to Widescreen, you need to click Widescreen tab first before doing any cropping and resizing.
slideshow form slide cropping