Design and Layout

OpenScholar gives you a great deal of control over the look and feel of your site. 

Managing the look of your site
Choose and easily change the design theme for your website.

Customizing your page layout
Arrange the content elements on your page though the drag and drop interface.

Featured posts widget
Choose pieces of content from around your site to highlight on your homepage, or wherever you choose.

List of Posts Widget
Similar to the featured posts widget, but content is populated automatically.

Columns Widget
Display content within columns on your web page.

Tabs Widget
Save space on your page with the tabs widget.

Accordion Widget
Display content within an accordion style on your web page.

Adding a site favicon
Display an icon next to a pager's title on a browser tab

Widget Slider
Display other widgets in a slideshow like format

Research Dashboard
Display statistics and explore news about research activity at an institution.

Most Viewed Content Widget
Provide a list of the most popular pages and sites across an institution's collection of OpenScholar sites, based on Google Analytics traffic reports.

Button Collection Widget
Displays a series of links styled as buttons with icons.