Editoria11y Accessibility Checker

Editoria11y (meaning "editorial accessibility”) is an in-app tool that alerts logged-in users when content on their website doesn't conform to accessibility standards, then provides recommendations for fixing it. For example, images lacking alt-text or headings used out of order will be flagged. Accessibility Coordinators can gain insight into any websites on their organization’s install that have areas out of compliance so they’re able to reach out to site owners and take action where needed. 

Accessibility is important to OpenScholar, which is why all of our themes and widgets have been designed with accessibility in mind. Because sites are edited directly by site owners and other members of their site, coming out of compliance can happen. Editoria11y alerts content creators in real time, providing you with peace of mind and helping those who may not know what accessibility standards and requirements entail.

Learn more about using Editoria11y. (Thanks to Western Washington University for this excellent tutorial.)

Additional guidelines for ensuring your site is accessible.

If you would like us to enable Editoria11y on your site, your organization’s OpenScholar administrator must send an email request to support@theopenscholar.com. Editoria11y must be enabled across all sites at your organization.

Use of Editoria11y is most effective when paired with training and education about digital accessibility from your organization. Content creators who understand the importance of compliance and basic best practices are more likely to use the tool.


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