Facebook Social Plugins

Adding Facebook Social Plugins to your OpenScholar site

Check out the full list of available Facebook Social Plugins.

1. Select the type of plugin you want to add to your site

2. Choose the URL of the Facebook Page you want to use (example: https://www.facebook.com/Freelance)

3. Paste the URL of the chosen Facebook page to the Code Configurator and adjust settings available (different plugins have different settings)

4. Once your setting options are selected, click the Get Code button to generate your code.

Facebook Get Code button

You'll be given 2 types of code, javascript code (1) and html code (2). First, you'll need to copy the javascript code.

5. Create an Embed Media widget and add the copied javascript code into the widget via the "Embed from the Web" option.*

6. Drag the widget into your layout. NOTE: This widget will not show content but it's needed to provide power to the next widget you'll create. Click save at the bottom of the page.

7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 using the html plugin code. This is the widget that will display the plugin. NOTE: For this portion you have the option of using a Custom Text/HTML widget as well.

8. View results

* If you are adding multiple Facebook plugins to a page, you only need to add one Embed Media widget per page (step 5) NOT per plugin.

Further Information and Example


You can see the steps provided above in this Facebook Like example.

There are multiple types of Facebook Social Plugins available like Embedded Posts, Follow Buttons, Share Buttons, etc. See the full list of options.