Sharing to X (formerly Twitter)

Sharing an Openscholar Page on X (formerly Twitter)

The image displayed in an OpenScholar url tweeted out is the image set in SEO setting page
Control Panel - Site Logo setting

Here are the specs given by Twitter about the requirements for the site logo image:

- Image width/height: Minimum 600 X 335 pixels, although larger images (for example 1200 X 675) will be better optimized for when users click to expand images.

- Image file size: Max 15mb on and 3mb on

The Twitter post should look like this:
Twitter Post Preview

If a user tweets the root url, Twitter displays the site logo.

If a user tweets a listing page, like /publications or /news, Twitter displays the site logo

However, if a user tweets a post - such a news post having news image, a publication with cover image, a person profile with photo, or a page containing images, then Twitter will display the image instead of site logo.

Card Validator

The Twitter Card Validator is useful when you are not sure if Twitter can locate your site logo or the image associated with a post.

Twitter Card Validator
Once you see your image appear, you can go ahead and tweet out your link on Twitter.