Terms of Use: Theme Customization

Creating custom themes or altering existing themes requires moderate to advanced CSS skills, and experience with manipulating/overriding underlying OpenScholar themes.

OpenScholar's support team is unable to answer theming/CSS implementation questions such as:

  • How do I change the background color of the menu bar?
  • How can I apply a different default font to my custom theme?
  • How do I apply a background image to the header area?
  • Etc.

Third-party designs can be utilized as well, but please note:

  • Any site that uses a custom theme should expect there will be a need for remediation work at some point in time; no theme is 100% future proof
  • The site owner is completely responsible for the custom theme implementation, support, and maintenance.
  • OpenScholar is not responsible for any loss of functionality for sites with third-party designed custom themes.
  • OpenScholar does not support custom themes created by others.