Columns Widgets

Columns widget is essentially a layout tool that provides a way to display content within columns of multiple sections on your web page. Each section can have different column configuration. For example, the first section can have 2 columns while the second section contains 3 columns. 

Tip: You need to create the content widgets before setting up a columns widget.

Add a new Columns Widget

Click Layout from the place where the new column will be placed
Click Create New Widget button
Select Column from the list
Enter widget description 
Enter widget title (optional)
create column widget

Add Section
column widget add section

Add widgets to section and Save
Note: the newly created column widget is listed on top of widget list in the left

column widget add widget

Drag column from widget list to layout and save layout
column widget drag to layout

When setting up a new section, number of columns is selected. Number of column can't be changed for the section after it is set. Although number of columns can't be changed, width of column configuration can still be changed.
column widget change column config

Content widgets can be moved around by dragging from one location to another within the same section OR to another in other sections
column moving widget by dragging

Content widgets can also moved around by using contextual link Move 
column widget move widget by contextual move

Content widgets can removed from column widget by using contextual link Remove widget
column widget remove widget

Delete a section - all content widgets in the section are also removed from the column widget
column widget remove section

Here is an example of the Columns widget on the web page.
column widget sample