Most Viewed Content Widget

The Most Viewed Content widget is only available on Institutional sites. It provides aggregated statistics about all OpenScholar sites owned by an Institution.

The Most Viewed Content widget provides a list of the most popular pages and sites across an institution's collection of OpenScholar sites, based on Google Analytics traffic reports. You can combine it with Activity Snapshots and other widgets to create a Research Dashboard customized for your institution.

Add a new Most Viewed Content widget

Note: You must be on an Institutional site or the widget will not appear in the list.

  1. Click Layout from the page where the new widget will be placed.
  2. Click Create New Widget button.
  3. Select Most Viewed Content from the list.
  4. Enter widget description (used in the list of widgets for site administrators).
  5. Enter widget title. Recommended to describe what is shown: Most Viewed Content.
  6. Save the widget.
  7. Drag the new widget from the list to a region on the page to place it in the page layout.

Here is a screenshot with some fictional sites and numbers showing what the widget will look like.

Screenshot of Most Viewed Content widget