Setting Up New Sites - How to Provision Sites for Others to Create

If you are interested in creating your own OpenScholar website, you are unsure whether your institution is an OpenScholar customer, or you do not know the process for requesting a site, please reach out to 

If you are a customer and you need to provision a site for someone else, whether it's for a lab, department, center, core facility, or individual faculty member, you must be an Organization Administrator. In most cases, requests for new sites will come through your organization's request form, linked to from your Get Started page. These requests may come to you, if you are your group's main contact. If you are not an Organization Administrator and do not know who has this role, please reach out to  

To create a new site you need to know the following:

  • Which starter content you'll use for the site. The starter content is the templated aspect of the site, often referred to as a preset, which includes the menu items and suggested content areas. Please note that the preset cannot be changed after the site is created.
  • The site theme. Your organization has a certain number of themes that have been branded with the fonts, colors, and logos for your institution. In some cases, the preset and the theme are the same. For example, if you choose Eligendi as the preset, the only theme choice will be Eligendi. Please note that while it's possible to change the theme after a site is created, we do not recommend this because the templatized aspects of the site do not always display well. If someone wants to change their theme, we recommend doing so before content is added. Contact for guidance.
  • The site's unique URL. Your domain will remain the same, such as The unique part of the URL would come after the edu. For example:  Review this document for guidance on applying a custom domain.

After the site is created, you'll need to make the person who requested the site a member.

How to create a new site

Click on the user menu>My Sites

Screenshot of User Menu My Sites

Click the green Add a new site button:

Screenshot of Add a new site

  • Enter the URL in the space provided after choosing the type of site.  If you are unsure which type of site to create, make your selections and click Next. You can always go back to make changes. 
  • Enter the site title.
  • You may want to change the site visibility to "Anyone with a link" so that it isn't accessible through a Google search until the site is finished. Site visibility can be changed later.
  • Click Next.

Screenshot selecting site type

On the next screen, select the theme. Note that you may only see one theme if only that theme can be applied to the starter content. Click Finish.

Screenshot of selecting a theme

Allow some time for this step to process, then click Take me to my site. This process may take several minutes.

Screenshot showing take me to my site

Once the site has been created, be sure to add the person who requested the site as a member. You can make them an Administrator or make them the Site Owner. You will remain the Site Owner unless you change this.