Kinds of Sites

OpenScholar currently offers three kinds of sites, each with a few options for default website structures. These pre-configured structures help get your site up and running quickly by creating a menu structure and sample content based on your needs.

Your institution's OpenScholar "Get Started" page will list the presets available to you. Most users will request sites through their institution's site provisioning process.

Individual Site

  • Personal site (basic content)
  • Bowen
  • Campbell
  • Case
  • Meldrum 
  • Minimal site (no content)

Project/Lab/Small Group Site

  • Project (basic content)
  • Core Facility
  • Eligendi Lab
  • Gamma Lab
  • Huntington Lab
  • Modern Lab
  • Zen Lab
  • Zip Lab
  • Minimal project (no content)

Department/School Site

  • Academic (basic content)
  • Minimal department (no content)